Bio Enriched Organic fertilizer / Soil Conditioner


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  • We are Large / Bulk - Bio Organic Enriched Organic Fertilizer / Compost Manufacturing Company over 20 years, based in India, Associations with Large Fertilizer Companies / distributors / Bulk Buyers / OEM etc & Dispatched quantities of over .5 Millions tons.


  •  Is a Bio Organic soil Enricher that helps to improve soil productivity, rich source of plant nutrients (both macro and micro) growth promoting substances etc - Highly Stable, Microbial Fortified, Low water – Soil & Crop Specific blends. 


  •   All Soil type & can re-mediate soil structure deserts, dry lands, Ph imbalance, Contaminated soil etc,...– leading them to grow able Soils

We Do

  •   Retail, Trade & Private Custom Label, design, Plus Bulk requirement etc ( 2 Plants - Capacity 300 tons per day) Also Bagging /Packing, Logistics Support to reach you

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